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Control Your Traffic
& Maximize Every Click

Monitor, Track, and Optimize
Your Links In One Place

Real Time Tracking

Get instant data on views, clicks and conversions!

Learn About Your Visitors

Improve your conversions with instant activity.

Over 20 Powerful Features

No limitations to worry about. Unlimited control for you!

Easy To Use Control Panel

Step-by-step instructions. No installation required.

Control Your Traffic

Monitor, track & optimize every click, including fraud protection


Public sharing for clients, partners and co-workers.

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Over 20 Powerful
Optimization Features

Designed by digital marketers, for digital marketers.

From email marketers, affiliate marketers, eCommerce owners, and small business owners, or anyone simply looking to track your traffic... ClickPerfect was designed for and caters to Digital Marketers.

  • Real Time Tracking & Reporting
  • Link Cloaking
  • 99.9% Uptime Monitoring
  • Password Protected Links
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Advanced GeoTargeting
  • Mobile Redirect
  • Countdown Timers on Any Page
  • Custom Domains
  • Click Fraud & Bot Monitoring
  • 2nd Click Redirects
  • Multi-link Rotators
  • Simple Conversion Tracking
  • Pixel Tracking & Retargeting
  • Blacklist Monitoring
  • Public Stat Sharing
  • Dynamic Variable Links
  • Add Popups to Any Page
  • 404 Downtime Monitoring
  • Cloud Hosting (No Install Required)
  • Traffic Cost Reporting
  • Max Click & Backup Settings
  • Full U.S. Based Support Team
  • Step by Step Tutorials
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Trusted & Loved By Over 2,200+ Businesses

Over 50,000,000+ Clicks Tracked!

A Great Tracking System

My experience with ClickPerfect, just like all of Anik's and Jimmy's companies and products, has been great. The tracking links are very easy to set up and follow. The support team is very quick to respond to queries. The system is easy to use, provides great data, and is very affordable. Thanks guys! :)

Control of the clicking

I haven't been using clickperfect for that long. It is very good that I can track unique CLICKs! That way I can see exactly how many potential customers I actually have, instead of believing that I have many customers when in reality they might have clicked a link more than one time from the same IP adress

5 STAR for Click Perfect - Keep Up the Great Work

Even though I'm new I see the benefits with Click Perfect. I do like the fact that this site tracks total clicks versus unique clicks. Plus if transforming URLs on Click Perfect helps us Inboxers by getting the email through at higher rates then I'm onboard. I use Click Perfect for all my affiliate programs. Looking forward to being an affiliate for this site as well. Thanks Jimmy and Anik!

Everyone with a website or landing page needs ClickPerfect tracking.

I love how easy this software is to setup and the tracking analytics is amazing.

Great Value

I use Clickperfect primarily to cloak my links...which is very important, so to have a system that not only does all the tracking for you, but also provides the link it.

Great platform. Great high quality services that every online business need.

Great platform! Great custom services! Without you my business can't make. Thank you ClickPerfect! Valentin Co-founder at VS HEALTH & FITNESS

ClickPerfect simplified my life and showed me where the money goes!

I can't tell you how much ClickPerfect has simplified my life. I used to set up separate click-tracking software on each of my web properties, but now everything is centralized in one place. Click-tracking is a must if you want to know which of your campaigns are working and which are costing you an arm and a leg. ClickPerfect allows you to see where the money goes. I've used similar services, but they don't compare with ClickPerfect's list of features and they definitely can cost a lot more. To be blunt... if you're running an online business and not using ClickPerfect, you're nuts!

Mary Pawlus

Anders Braathen

Matt Aubert

Dan Faschingbauer

Ray Pearson

Valentin Simeonov

William Mccamment

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